Fission Point

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  • 8.2
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  • Halo CE Maps
  • Author:
  • «RLA» Apoc, a.k.a. 05h3t5ky

  • Date:
  • 12/27/2004

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  • 12.4M


Inside a ships engine room with overhead walkways and a central generator

File Notes

Fission Point

By: «RLA» Apoc, a.k.a. 05h3t5ky


-Beta Testers:

«RLA» Epoch
Acuve2 (a.k.a. Smirnoffs)
Unmanned Waffle


GHOST 88 + > Ideas for the final base front. Sidewinder-Style (Ghost) + Glass (Verdafolio)
Verdafolio /

GAEM4573R51337--> For an idea that will hopefully come in a later version.

- Doc Oc for the amazing Energy Sword.

- The Gearbox community for being so patient for the map and accepting my {WIP} threads without any flames.

- You for actually reading the readme and giving my last 2-3 month's work at least a play or two. =)


-Extract the files from this .zip file, and place the map file in your Program Files/Microsoft Games/Halo Custom Edition/Maps directory. Done.


This is my second map, and I am starting to get a good grip on everything needed for map-making. This time around I decided on a smallish indoors map to keep the action intense. Doc Oc's sword makes a return, this time with the latest version. The map is centered around a tubular reactor with a spinning core in the center. Watch your timing if you venture into the caution-marked floor area...if the reactor fires while you're in it, you're toast (hence the label on the floor there =P). This being the first map I have gotten animations ingame for, not only does the reactor core spin, but there are several animated fans in the walls of the main room, with a catwalk passing in front of them. The black-yellow edged crates are destructable, but can only be damaged by nades. The red-white edges crates won't do anything no matter how hard you try. =P I also made the glass have slightly more health so it can take a hit or two before breaking so it doesn't all dissappear immediately.

Other than all that, the map is pretty simple in layout, but complex enough to keep things interesting. =P Have fun killing the n00bs.

Known Concerns

-The crates are only destructable scenery, so you MUST WAIT OUT UNTIL A NEW GAME STARTS FOR THEM TO SYNCH. Joining in the middle of a game shouldn't cause any problems since the crates are kinda out of the way in terms of movement in the level...but starting along with everyone is the best.

-Texturing is a little plain in spots. Oh well. Good gameplay > 1337357 100k5 sometimes.
-Hope to possibly fix this in a later version

-Please for the love of your god turn off specular, if not shadows as well, unless you have a good GFX card...this will minimize the number of people who can say they don't get good FPS, even though this number should be little b/c it only has like 5500 polys total.

-Fans have no collision model. Oh well once again. I put a collidable wall so you can't camp "in" the fans. Yea, I know, I ruined your fun.
-This too may be fixed in a later version.

-One or two random exception errors have occurred during testing. Shouldn't happen on a regular basis....probably just CE saying it hates you every once in a while. Ignore it, and join up again if it happens.


-I am highly considering releasing a v2 of this map once I get a few cool ideas figured out and make some more changes. If you find any bugs or have any changes to reccommend, PLEASE (!!!) e-mail me with them.


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