Gonzo Requiem model

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  • CAG Gonzo

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  • 07/13/2014

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CAG Gonzo’s Requiem: Extinction on Steroids

File Notes

worked on this map for years…I sincerely hoped to have a full-fledged map by now. School, jobs, and life had other plans, unfortunately, combined with my high hopes of creating a huge but detailed playspace and lack of knowledge about many things CE and 3D. I learned a lot on my journey, but I am sad to say that journey is now at its end, or at least at a different point in the road than I had originally thought.

I give to you, the CE community, the entirety of my work on Requiem. This max file contains all 3D models (and then some) that I have been using. It does not contain all versions of the map; only the most recent, but it does contain all of the various bits and pieces with which I’ve been tinkering over the past few months.

Most of the designs are my own; inspiration for them hails from a variety of sources, from Halo 1 and 2, to other user’s custom maps, to real life. My old forum thread does a good job of citing my inspiration, so consult that if curious.

All content contained within this file is free for use in whatever context your heart desires. I would be honored to see some of my work in your map or other CE release. Remember to cite me, please. I would prefer this work to not go unattributed considering how much time I have poured into it.

While my goal of getting a CE-ready map is likely far from realization, I still plan to continue refining some of the structures I have created, maybe even toss them together to finally produce a coherent map. Who knows if it’ll be CE-ready, but at least it could be one piece.

If you have questions or concerns, my xfire is {see readme.txt}.

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