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  • Floods62

  • Date:
  • 02/10/2013

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Two grunts teams compete on Carousel, would you be able to help your team won?

File Notes

Weapons: H3 Spartan Laser, H2 Battle Rifle, H2 SMG, Plasma Pistol
Biped: H2 Spartan
Ennemies: Grunts (instantly respawn), Blue Elite Commander (8-12 seconds to respawn)
Music: Breaking Benjamin - Blow Me Away

-Each grunt appears 50 times in total.
-Blue Elite Commander has very strong and resistant, but kill him will offer you precious seconds.
-You can find ammo for Battle Rifle and SMG across the map as well as health pack.
-One Spartan Laser is available in the map, keep it safe and explode the Blue Elite Commander!
-No checkpoint, beware!
-When the game is over, you must leave.

To play at the map:
Activate the console and write "map_name turretfight"

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