• User Rating:
  • 7.5
  • File Category:
  • Modified Single Player Maps
  • Author:
  • Spartan717

  • Date:
  • 11/27/2012

  • File Size:
  • 147.2M


Reality ODST

File Notes

Embark on the first segment of the Reality ODST journey with Takeback, a Halo
Custom Edition map that offers a new challenging twist onto Halo's gameplay.

(Note, read Walkthrough for detailed analysis of mod)

Known glitches
- Marines exit the pelican strangely
- Spartan following a bit slow
- AI might be less intelligent as numbers increase (due to large scale battles)
- Marines tend to shoot each other
- Falcons control funny
- Elites in final cutscene are unintelligent

Gameplay Changes
Ok, there have been several significant changes to how Halo plays, they are as follows
•Screen Shake – The screen will shake to varying degrees depending on what type of damage was taken. It can range from minor to relatively heavy shaking, which effects accuracy and makes it harder to aim.
•Colour flashes – Based on the weapon, the screen will flash a certain colour for a certain time period when damage is taken in. This, combined with the screen shake make it significantly harder for the player to put up a consistent fight.
•Blood on screen – Caused by damage and is simply the player “panting” with the screen turning red, similar to COD.
•Weapon Accuracy and Damage – Weapons have undergone a huge damage buff and increase or decrease to accuracy to mirror realism.
•AI – Artificial intelligence is significantly smarter and more dangerous. Brutes are more aggressive and overall the AI fires their weapons more and from a further distance.

-Aim for the HEAD, it does a HUGE amount of damage.
-Human Weapons should be used at a distance, when accuracy is important
-Covenant Weapons should be used at close quarters, due to the high spread and damage
-Silenced Weapons offer low noise, increased accuracy but suffer decreased damage and firerate.
-Use cover all the time, the Halo universe is a deadly place.
-Protect marines and teammates, they offer huge amounts of fire support.
-Hunters must be shot at their skin, preferably with a piercing weapon like the Battle rifle
-The battlerifle is a headshot weapon, it can 1 shot any brute

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