The Flood: Forgotten Exile Demo Release

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  • 9.2
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  • Modified Single Player Maps
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  • refer to readme.txt file

  • Date:
  • 09/20/2012

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A singleplayer level where you play as Flood

File Notes

Stop the Key from Turning (StKft)


To load the map, use Halo Custom Edition Developers Mode, open console in the main menu by hitting the ¬ or tilde key, and type "map_name stkft_v1" without quotations.



Rampage through the snowy canyons of Alpha Halo, and experience the horrors of a Flood Infestation first-hand.

Encounter new Covenant and Sentinel Enemies, while fighting alongside improved Flood forms.

Use enhanced melee, speed, and jumping capabilities to surprise and eliminate your foes.

Play as The Flood, the scourge of the galaxy, and crush all those who would stand before you.

This is The Flood: Forgotten Exile.


Changes, Features and Fixes List v0.1b - v1.0r:

-New Stuff:
-Objectives added.
-New navpoint bitmap added.
-New Health System (HUD gets progressively blurrier as health gets lower).
-New healthpack added.
-New HUD added.
-New enemies added (Sentinel Marauder/Sentinel Enforcer/Covenant Incinerator Units).
-Added Flood Carrier variants.
-Grunt Dismemberment added.
-Sentinel Constructors added.
-Various Flood scenery added.
-Covenant Mortar Turret added.
-New Fp Arms/Animations.
-Vehicle animations for Flood Combat Forms.
-Flood Ghost and Flood Banshee have new modified models.
-Halo 2 background sounds added.
-Halo 2 Flood sounds added.

-Re-did level population for several areas.
-Changed music in some areas.
-Added fog/Re-did lightmaps in 3 interior bsps.
-Navpoints added.
-Reduced jump height.
-Rebalanced Player movement speeds.
-Added warning sound when shields low/depleted.
-Reworked several cutscenes.
-Several balancing changes (Weapons/melee/flood health/player health/enemy range).
-Removed grenades for player-use fully.
-Removed bug where armoured flood elite forms are immune to plasma damage.
-Removed bug where armoured flood human forms are immune to any damage.
-Fixed several small bugs interfering with gameplay.
-Introduced script specifically designed for getting rid of lag in final area.
-Tweaked several areas in order to reduce lag.
-Edited texture on Elite Flood/Armoured Elite Flood to be less shiny.
-Fixed several small aesthetic bugs.
-Player Biped changed to Armoured Flood Elite form.


Known Bugs:
In the Needler Reload, the needles won't reload until the animation is finished.

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User Submitted Screenshots

Covenant Incinerator Units

Flood Infestation

Flood Combat Elite Armoured Forms

Ultimate Sentinel

The Flood

This is the pic of mod and player is at low health