Rpsp S30 (2 of 3) Single PLayer

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  • 8.0
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  • Custom Single Player Maps
  • Author:
  • OpsY

  • Date:
  • 05/15/2011

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  • 107.3M


File Notes

File Notes:

Welcome to RPSP. This 3 map mini campaign was made by me (OpsY) on an
entirely custom BSP. The project itself started nearly 2 years ago
but recieved my full attention only recently.

It spans over three (3) maps, RPSP_s10, RPSP_s30 and RPSP_S50.
The main objective behind this campaign was to give an ODST
and Reach feeling using the Halo 1 engine. Of course now I'm
screwed because both Reach and ODST have been released.
Nonetheless, I managed to bring this campaign to never seen before
Epicness and scale. The objective was to focus on large scale battles,
intense action and story.

In some occasions, you will fight alongside 50 marines. In other
occasions, tens of banshees chase you. In terms of scale,
RPSP is definatly the biggest campaign ever made for
Halo CE.


-Place all 3 maps (RPSP_S10.map, RPSP_S30.map, RPSP_S50.map) in your Maps folder.
-You must have all 3 maps in your folder for proper SP behavior
-Load up Halo CE with Devmode enabled.
-While in the UI / main menu press ~ (or # for some computers). This brings the console.
-Type in (without the quoteS) "map_name rpsp_s10".
-Suggestion: if you wish to make the difficulty harder, type "game_difficulty_set (hard or impossible)"


You play as Sergeant Dugard, an ODST Sergeant stationned on board
the UNSC No Prayer for the Dying, part of Battlegroup Odin.
After the covenant launched their invasion on Reach, several ships
in the area were called in backup and you arrive as part of this,
3 days after the beginning of the siege. Your mission: Secure
high value electric facilities vital to the UNSC. The downside?
You have no idea if there's anyone left in that sector and
insertion through covenant fleet is always risky.

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User Submitted Screenshots

The Covenant are pretty much effed right now

Big Battle

Fall Back!

Shot taken for the Universal UI Version 1.1