Uprising (single player)

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  • TheBusiness

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  • 04/10/2011

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File Notes

My original idea was to create a mini campagin of small single player maps based on the story of halo 2
however a recent blue screen of death and a bad case of forgetting to back up files resulted in the loss
of a lot of tags, most notably scenario tags. So now I have decided to speed up the process and incorperate
the storyline of halo 2 with the first one. WTF I know!!! however it actually makes out for some interesting
gameplay at the least. So before I finis and release the campaign I decided to compile one of my oldest
scenario tags, and the only one I backed up, containing various tags I will include within the campaign.
The level is very loosley based on the uprising level of halo 2, hence the name, and contains nothing
too special. It is based on the Return of The Covenant Chapter 1 Bsp.

Energy Sword
Plasma Rifle
Plasma Pistol
Plasma Grenade
Needler - With attached needle grenade launcher :D
Brute Spiker
Brute Mauler
Brute Shot
Gravity Hammer
Spike Grenade
Plasma cannon
Beam Rifle

Jackals - Minor, Major, Sniper
Brutes - Minor, Major, Ultra
Brute Captains - Minor, Major, Ultra
Brute Body Guards - Minor, Major
Brute Cheiftains
Brute War Cheiftains

Grunts - Minor, Major, Ultra
Spec Ops Elites
Assault Elites - Minor, Major, Ultra, Zealot
Elite Councillors


§partan 8 For the bsp
Cmt for a majority of tags including:
some elites
plasma pistol
brute shot
grunt blood decals
DMT for:
arbiter... I think?
h3t for:
brute mauler
I have no idea who done the scarab or beam rifle
? for the particle effects
{H3MCE}\{MMT}\{EkZ}Bankhead for the Blood decals

Plasma cannon runs out of ammo after about 5 shots - I forgot to fix this
Invisible wall around the scarab - You can fly over it with the banshee
Some of your allies somtimes dont attack the brutes near the end - And somtimes they do :s
And Probably some more

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spike grenade