Fall of Anubis: Part One (single player)

  • User Rating:
  • 6.7
  • File Category:
  • Custom Single Player Maps
  • Author:
  • Adolif

  • Date:
  • 03/24/2011

  • File Size:
  • 16.4M


Play as Osiris to take down the corrupted Egyptian god of the dead, Anubis.

File Notes


-Heretic and Hexen style gameplay.

-Everything that isn't a bitmap, model, sound, etc, was either tagged by
me or modified from bungie's default tags. I didn't use hek+ for
any "regular" tags in this map (except for recovering deleted tags from my
old betas).

-The models may be lousy, but they are 100% custom.

-The majority of the deatailed textures are NOT mine.
Credits below.

-The non-biped and first person animations are 100% custom.

-The bsps are 100% custom.

-The sounds aren't mine, but they aren't from Halo either.

Anyways, on with the gameplay features...

-There are two weapons (in this part): The Wand, and The Trident.

The wand is a fully automatic pistol-like weapon with weak bolts.
It shoots one bolt at a time.

The trident is a semi-automatic...weapon...with much stronger bolts.
It shoots three bolts at a time.

-There are three types of standard enemies: The roaches, the wolves,
and the wizards.

The roaches are like spiders...and they look at you as a snack!
They are *very* weak, but can bite you to death in large numbers.
They also like to attach to you...jump around to get them off.

The wolves are jackal-headed humans with weaker varients of the player's
magic wand. They berserk, and have a fair amount of health.

The wizards are mysterious cloaked figures with pretty strong projectiles.
They have low health and like to chant alot.

-There is one boss in this episode: The Megawizard.
He is like the wizards, but freaking HUGE. His bolts will kill you pretty
quickly if you don't dodge them. His extrememly extrememly extrememly
large amount of health makes him a pain to battle, but it IS possible
to beat him without cheats.

There are three types of power-ups: The invisibility flasks, the health
flasks, and the boots of speed. Their names should explain what they do.

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