Secret Mision 1

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  • 6.7
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  • Modified Single Player Maps
  • Author:
  • DFagent007

  • Date:
  • 02/27/2011

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  • 83.8M


A single player level based of the Bloodgulch level

File Notes

Start of History(Secret Mision)

ODST Forces have been qualified for a secret mission going on explorations of air and ground locations.
In the first mission the ODST troops go into a canyon abandoned by the UNCS according to reports this is
a top secret base that has been invaded by the covenant's. The headquarters was totally destroyed.
While preparing troops were telling us that some marines and ODST troops had infiltrated the
ship our Mision is to eliminate the covenant of the base and introduce us to the ship and rescue de marines and
go to the extraction point (Note) The part of rescue and extraction Marines come in Map 2 and 3 up after

0500 hours
As we descend the pillar of autumn and through the atmosphere began to feel vibrations of anti-aircraft weapons covenant
not aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ohh damm ...... End transmission

Map errors

Well as you know I just starting to do these things and there are only 2 or 3 errors

The first is that through one of the volumes tiggers and kill all sometimes you do
not save the game so as to be kept in the cave, barricades around you have to kill
everyone and stay stopped as 2 or 4 seconds, and if we do not grab the game save checkpoint if they serve others
this is the only map of the 5 that come up that do not serve well their chekpoint

the second as you change one thing at last to make you complete the checkpoint in order
to kill the covenant when something like that makes you NavPoint 2 to finish everything
and be sure to kill all in the portion of the none left banshee if so proceeds to introduce
you to the top and red base and continues

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