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  • 7.0
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  • Modified Single Player Maps
  • Author:
  • Invalid Gesture/Architect of Halo.

  • Date:
  • 02/07/2011

  • File Size:
  • 75.8M


A short Single player/Firefight level

File Notes

This map is similar to both a firefight-type map, and a traditional single-player map. One thing that's important to remeber is that the ODST's
and the Hunters are on your side.

In this map you are aboard a standard Covenant cruiser with Flood creatures, and a few evil headcrabs as well.

This map contains the Brute models from CMT, and the Hunter models by DMT, headcrabs by seanthelawn, Silver the hedgehog
by the Sonic mapping team, ODST's and Cortana by Hdoan, Segwart, and I forgot who made the rest of the things I used
in this map.

In this map, you play as the same Elite (the one from G9) who has returned to his ship, only it has now invaded by the red crabs that attacked him and his team earlier. A few human soldiers and the Hunter guards (and the Arbiter as well) havee been fighting off some of the crabs, as well as the last of the surviving Flood creatures, Brutes, and strange holographic machines as well. The invaders seemed desperate in their own mission for survival, but their escape from the ship seems to be in good stance.

PS: If you melee some of the doors with your weapons, you might get a suprise.

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