Dead Halls

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  • Modified Single Player Maps
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  • 01/02/2011

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  • 18.7M


A Single Player level based off the Ratrace map

File Notes

A survival type map inspired by both Halo's Firefight and Call of Duty's Zombies that features custom weapons and bipeds

Some of the features of this map are:

Custom Zombie Marine Biped
Laser Security Fences
Three friendly Surviors to help you kill the zombies
Pack-A-Punch machine

M6 Magnum-Standard CE Pistol but is now a "true" semi-automatic
MA5B-Standard CE Assault Rifle but just more accurate
Sniper Rifle-Standard CE Sniper Rifle but without a scope
Impaler-A semi-automatic needle rifle that fires a single needle that explodes without the need to supercombine
Raygun-The Raygun from Call of Duty
(Also features pack-a-punched versions of each weapon)

Custom Powerups:
Health-[Gold Medical Cross]-Healthpack
Max Ammo-[Gold Assault Rifle Clip]-Refills the ammo for your current weapons
Insta-Kill-[Gold Skull]-30 seconds being able to kill zombies with a single hit
Nuke-[Gold Bomb]-Kills all living zombies and gives you a 10 second breather

To start the game:
Use the switch on the far side of the room with the grunt.

To use the nuke and insta-kill:
1)After you walk over it, a weapon will be added to your inventory, an oddball(instal-kill) or a detonator(nuke)
2)Once you have it, just pull the trigger

To open the door to the Pack-A-Punch machine:
Press the three switches that are placed around the map

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