ASCM A30 Final

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  • 8.5
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  • Modified Single Player Maps
  • Author:
  • Ifafudafi

  • Date:
  • 11/17/2010

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  • 82.9M


Final Release: a10 - b40 (The Pillar of Autumn - Assault on the Control Room)

File Notes

Another Stupid Campaign Mod


-Plasma pistol nerfed immensely. Don't know how this slipped past everybody, but its primary fire was wrecking everything. Damage has been severely cut and fire rate has been capped. Charged shot unaffected.
-Battery life of all Plasma weapons reduced.
-Battle Rifle, Needler, and Impaler have new animations.
-Needler needles now appear properly during reload.
-Needler needles now do a little less damage to Elite shields.
-Pistol has a new model and skin.
-Pistol's autoaim radius and rate of fire have been increased. It's much more effective at closer ranges now, as intended.
-Battle Rifle's rate of fire decreased slightly.
-Plasma Burst's crosshair modified to better reflect its nature.
-Plasma Burst even further nerfed; less damage, slower rate of fire and fewer shots to overheat.

-Hunters now take three Needler supercombines or two sniper shots/direct rocket hits/Impaler supercombines to kill. They're also more resilient against the Plasma Rifle.
-Steath Elite Majors now use Eviscerators in place of Plasma Spreads.
-Zealots (Elite commanders) wielding Plasma Rifles now wear the proper headgear.
-Zealot shields now cause Imapler needles to detonate on contact.
-Jackals with Plasma Beams have recieved a much-needed upgrade (better accuracy, higher RoF, etc.)
-Dead characters' dropped weapons contain far less extra ammo (ammo still in clip/battery unchanged.)

Particle Effects
-Elite/Cyborg shields now have lens flares. They're very sexy.
-Fuel Rod Gun's projectile trail redone to better match the effect set's overall style and to differentiate it from the new Wraith projectile.
-Hunter lights and effects now match the FRG particle set's color scheme.
-New vehicle explosion effects.
-Banshee weapons now use updated particle sets.

Known problems
-The SMG's sound will cut out and occasionally do weird things. This is just the way Halo CE handles looping sounds; there's nothing I can really do about it.
-The Pistol uses the old model/skin in third person. This is due to an issue with the new model which could not be fixed in time for scheduled release.
-Marines die very, very quickly in a50's interiors. Halfway due to higher damage ratios, halfway due to the way Bungie scripted those encounters. Can't change it without making them uber-powerful for the rest of the level.



To install, simply place the .map files inside your Halo Custom Edition\maps folder (Default directory will be C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\maps). To uninstall, remove the .map files.

To play, you need to either utilize the file or the in-game console.

To use the console, head to your Halo custom Edition folder. You should see a file called haloce.exe. Make a shortcut to this wherever you want (likely, there's already a shortcut in the start menu and on the desktop.) Right-click on the shortcut you want to use, and select Properties. Cilck on the "Shortcut" tab inside the properties window. Under the "Target" field, move the cursor to the far right, add a space, and then type in "-console". Press OK, and use the Shortcut. Press the tilde key (~). you should see a small pink prompt in the bottom left corner. Type in "map_name xxx" (where xxx is the map you want to play, i.e. a10 or b30) to load the map.



Maps will progress naturally until you reach b40; you'll have to Alt+F4 or use the console to exit after that, unless you have another campaign mod installed. I'd recommend you exit back to the menu just before the final cutscene.

Since this is the final release, all maps are unprotected. Use whatever you want so long as you give the original authors credit for their work (see the Thanks To section below for figuring out who did what.) Anything not listed there is either stock or done by me.


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