Stkft - Flood Campaign

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  • Modified Single Player Maps
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  • (see readme credits}

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  • 10/31/2010

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0.1b(release) is the first beta release of the Flood Campaign,

File Notes


Play the map by running Halo in Developers mode and typing "map_name stkft" without inverted comma's into the console. Console can be opened by pressing the tilde key.

Well, what is it exactly?

0.1b(release) is the first beta release of the Flood Campaign, it includes the level Stop the Key from Turning fully populated with several of our tags, along with some community tags.
0.1b has been in the making for a long time, and I decided to pick it back up about 2-3 weeks ago, and with dedicated help from our Interal Alpha testing team, and Koo294, this mod would not be standing here before you today.
So, I proudly present to you the first beta of the Flood Campaign, it may have some residual bugs from our intensive testing period, however, the beta has been designed that almost all bugs we found have been eliminated.
If you find any more bugs, please refrain from whinging about them, and post them in our topic instead. This is beta after-all, and whinging about bugs doesn't really help the team.

Protection: Yes the mod is open sourced, the community will be free to use the tags inside. However proper credit MUST given.
After v1.0, or when we have the time, we will be releasing several tutorials on what we did and how we did it. So that anyone who wishes to actually learn how, can do so.

Known Bugs:
Monitor doesn't disappear in final cutscene.
Player biped teleports away in final cutscene without teleprotation effects.

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User Submitted Screenshots

flood infected ghost

banchee infect

pellican infect