G9 (singler player)

  • User Rating:
  • 8.0
  • File Category:
  • Modified Single Player Maps
  • Author:
  • InvalidGesture

  • Date:
  • 09/21/2010

  • File Size:
  • 62.6M


File Notes

Suggestions on how to play the map:

This map is sort of like a firefight-type map. It's the first map I've released that wasn't a remake of a single player map by bungie. The thing you should remeber is that the Hunters and Elites are on your side.

In this map, you play as an Elite who has Hunters and other Elites that are your allies. You can use any weapon that is on this map, and you can pilot all of the vehicles.

This map contains the Elite models from CMT, and the Hunter models by DMT, headcrabs by seanthelawn, Silver the hedgehog
by the Sonic mapping team, ODST's by Hdoan, green phantom by Yac, and I forgot who made the rest of the things I used
in this map.

In this map, you play as an Elite who is on an exploration mission with a few of his friends who crash landed in the area
where he was conducting his search. In this area where he currently was situated, he discovered the human captain known
as Jacob Keyes, who was supposed to be dead because of the Flood.
His behavior was most unusual, he was using a shotgun that was firing pokeballs instead of the projectiles
that those weapons were designed to use. Not only that, but his silent phrases and his beserk actions made him
fire at whatever moved.
Another strange addition to the area was the sorts of creatures that existed in that place, for example,
the screaming red crabs that jumped on whatever they saw, and the stick bipedal creatures that walked in circles
and attacked anything that wasn't of their species.
There was also a hologram of an AI that made odd noises and caused the Hunters to attack it whenever they could, indeed,
the place was strange.

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