ASCM A10 The Pillar of Autumn

  • User Rating:
  • 8.7
  • File Category:
  • Modified Single Player Maps
  • Author:
  • Ifafudafi

  • Date:
  • 08/01/2010

  • File Size:
  • 103.0M


An A10 The Pillar of Autumn singler player campaign mod

File Notes

Another Stupid Campaign Mod

ASCM is a complete reimagining of Halo's arsenal, and a vast overhaul of its particle effects. Every single weapon has undergone changes, most of them drastic, and several new ones are added; on top of this, most of these weapons' particle effects have been rebuilt from the ground up. The screenshots can do a far better job of illustrating this than I can.



To install, simply place the file inside your Halo Custom Edition\maps folder (Default directory will be C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\maps). To uninstall, remove

To play, you need to either utilize the included file (this is much simpler) or the in-game console.

1. To use the, head to your Halo Custom Edition\maps folder. Simply copy and paste the included inside here; you will be asked to replace an existing file. Click yes. When loading Halo CE, the main menu should now include a Campaign option. (If you want, you can back up the old file, but there shouldn't be any notable changes other than the background music and the campaign option.)

2. To use the console, head to your Halo custom Edition folder. You should see a file called haloce.exe. Make a shortcut to this wherever you want (likely, there's already a shortcut in the start menu and on the desktop.) Right-click on the shortcut you want to use, and select Properties. Cilck on the "Shortcut" tab inside the properties window. Under the "Target" field, move the cursor to the far right, add a space, and then type in "-console". Press OK, and use the Shortcut. Press the tilde key (~). you should see a small pink prompt in the bottom left corner. Type in "map_name a10" to load the map.



Unless you have another HCE campaign mod, the game will not continue after finishing the level; you'll either have to type "quit" into the console or press Alt+F4 to exit. This is just the way Halo is set up; I can't do anything about it. If you know where and when the level ends, you can quit back to the main menu before the cutscene triggers to avoid this.

This release is protected, and every individual map release will also be protected; however, the last release of b40 will include all maps and will be unprotected. This is to ensure that the final product is as polished and balanced as possible, so that you won't have to be overwriting and replacing tags as they're updated. If you encounter a bug, or if a weapon seems too weak or too powerful in comparison to the rest, please post in the thread at either Halomaps or Modacity so I can fix this for the next map release.

Things I already know about:

-The SMG's sound will cut out and occasionally do weird things. This is just the way Halo CE handles looping sounds; there's nothing I can really do about it.
-The Pistol's pickup icon has a silencer. The image editing software I use (GIMP) doesn't allow me to do as many tricks with alpha channels as Photoshop, so I can't properly make weapon icons. I'm using CMT's set of icons so that I have one for the SMG, but they don't have one for an unsilenced pistol.
-The Plasma Burst does not have a unique model. I can't model to save my life, so I'm stuck recoloring existing models. If you or somebody you know is willing to model, skin, rig, and animate new weapons from scratch, please let me know.

Thankfully, that's about it so far.

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