B40 Perfect Dark

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  • 9.0
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  • Modified Single Player Maps
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  • Master FL

  • Date:
  • 04/28/2010

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  • 87.4M


a Modification of the B40 Assault on the Control Room single player level

File Notes

More Info:

Here's some descriptions of the stuffs in the map:

The "sky"(which is the fog and the actual sky) is changed to be similar to the one on the mission "crash site"

The Elite swords and the Hunters are changed to unshielded white Elites with rocket launcher that act as a hunter.

The scorpion is switched with a drivable wraith.

Now here's all the weapons and vehiculs:

The Pistol is in fact the CMP150, but only with the 1st function. 32 rounds per magazines, automatic, AR hud, 800 bullets max and the sound of the firing pistol is now a plasma shot.

The Assault Rifle is the AR34. A 3X zoom magnitude, 30 rounds in clip, sound of a fired charged bolt, nicely accurate and powerfull, maximum of 400 bullets.

The Sniper Rifle is, in fact, the Sniper Rifle. Wooo! It has the same hud than the pistol, 8 bullets by clips, maximum of 400 bullets, "silenced" or should I say Muted, greater fire rate but powerless.

The Rocket Launcher is the Reaper. Since the biggest ammo display is the Assault rifle, it got the hud of the AR, so you can only see 60 of the 200 bullets in the clip. If you remember the reaper on perfect dark, it's the most unaccurate weapon of the history. Holding down the trigger will accelerate the rate of fire. It's also quite powerfull in short range, but can still be used against a mid range target. 800 bullets maximum, firing effect of a charged plasma bolt and the sound of a small needler explosion.

The frag is switched with the plasma grenade. It's the 2nd mode of the grenade: proximity pinball, but has some changes: reduced the pinball effect but improved the explosion. Also, I've modded the smoke so it's blue and similar to the proxy pinball from prefect dark.

The Plasma Pistol is the famous Pheonix. The first function focus on the bullets of the weapon, 8 rounds, reloading as the shotgun does, 800 rounds max. The second function however is focussing on the charge of the weapon, which you don't see. Since you only can fire 7 to 8 seondary mode of the weapon, make sure you drop it off before using all the energy or you'll lose the weapon and it's ammo. The second function fires explosive projetiles, but the explosion is quite small. It's realy great against vehiculs, but is a waste of energy against infantry.

The Plasma Rifle is the Callisto NTG, but only with the 2nd function. 32 rounds in the magazine, it doesn't realy reaload since you fire at the same speed if you don't wait the reloading. Keep in mind than the energy of the weapon is still in use, but keep also in mind than 32 bullets is 16% of the energy, so use an amount of 5 clips, then change the weapon or you'll might loss all those gatered bullets. Don't worry, the weapon will tell you when to change it since it will miss some of the fires on your last clip.

The needler is the ultimate mauler. 20 rounds by clips, 800 max, it has an unstopping power but with a difficult aiming. Since the original needler fires as a round spread, putting your enemy in the middle of your retricle will be quite difficult to shoot him. Best to shoot chose to the enemie!

The Plasma grenade is in fact the N-bomb. It's incredibly usefull against jackals and elite since it will totally destroy it's shield. Using it against grunts will only put them in terror. Watch your step because if you get it by that explosion, you'll get a 10 seconds of drugging effect and will have some problems to check your surrounding. Using these against vehiculs is quite a waste, since it doesn't do much damage. It is possible to kill enemies with it, but you'll need to weak them before you throw your N-bomb or you'll need to throw another. Something particular with this weapon is the sound. I've been picking the sound of an exploding generator from the map c40, which has been quite difficult but has some results! If you don't hear any difference or the sound is quite messy, I'm completly sorry about it because I may modded the map file "sound" so it may not have any difference. Also, the skin of the grenade is supposed to be the skin of the rocket warthog, so if it's really messy, sorry about it!

The Gunturret is only a mounted reaper with 1,5X more speed. As it's mounted, the accuracy is quite more increased!

The warthog should... I said should... have a skin mix of the original warthog and the rocket warthog. If not, well just sorry 'bout it. The machinegun is remplaced with a mounted AR34, which makes it useless when you try to use it, but when someone drives the vehiculs and a fellow marine is using the gun, it completly changes... but only if the marine itself learn how to shoot! Not their hairs, their bodies!!!

The ghost are one of the most dangerous vehicul, since it fires two rounds of the 2nd mode of the pheonix. The rate of fire may be decreased, the damage is still doubled since it fires two bolt at the same time. Skin remplaced with a destroyed ghost due to a bitmap glitch on my computer...(after the c40_futur_weapon map, the ghost skin is alwais the same than the one on the map. Can't change it!)

The wraith is now available to you! There's two wraith in the map you can defenitively use: one where the scorpion was and one before the 2nd group of marines(the elite is too stupid to use it). The thing I didn't told you guys is that the wraith fires 25 mortars at the same time. Don't worry! I've reduced the damage so it's not so chaotic! The retricle is changed to a banshee retricle because I wanted to see the wraith health, but didn't succeed. The original wraith retricle is only a rocket launcher retricle.

The banshee is not much different than the original. The 1st function is the same projectiles than the Plasma rifle, and the second function is the portable rocket launcher I've not made in the map. Single rounds, really explosive.

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