D40 Fl Version

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  • Modified Single Player Maps
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  • Master FL

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  • 04/22/2010

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  • 89.5M


A Modified Single Player D40 Level - The Maw

File Notes

More Info:
Descriptions about the weapons:

Pistol: This weapon is a micro UZ, I had 2 of these(In toy duh!) and I tough they were pretty powerfull! Now here it is! 40 rounds per clips, great rate of fire and 600 rounds max! You also can focus your zoom(1,4X)

Assault Rifle: This is similar to the Laptop Gun from Perfect Dark Zero. It's really accurate, nicely powerfull, but has a slower rate of fire. 50 rounds in the clip, 750 max, it's extremly useless against sentinels, but has a good zoom focussing!

Shotgun: This is kinda the same as the Plasma Rifle in those Turoks on the Nintendo 64. It's really accurate, 10 rounds per clips, really powerfull(maybe too much), a slight change at the rate of fire, a good zoom magnitude(6X) and a maximum of 80 rounds.

Rocket Launcher: This is supposed to be my Nerf's 3000 Max toy gun: A semi-automatic shotgun with a secondary mode: Nuke. The gun itself as the properities of a plasma pistol, so hold the button and listen to the charging if you want to nuke anyone. But beware: the nuke mode will spoil the energy of the weapon, so change it with any of these on the ground as fast as possible! The first function is also quite powerfull! All the Elites got this weapon, but there's 2 different sort of Elites: Black Elites that uses only the 1st mode, and white elites that don't hesitate to use their nukes! The white elites will normally try to beat you down if you get closer to them, so charge on them before they nuke all over the place! The gun has a medium rate of fire, 20 rounds on clips, 300 rounds max and a good accuracy.

Plasma Pistol: This is a portable compact plasma cannon. It's supposed to be similar to the turret of the spectre. 32 rounds in clip, good rate of fire, 480 rounds max and a zoom focussing of 1,5X.

Plasma Rifle: Another Toy gun: a "killer dart gun". This means it'll kill instantly any living forms: not sentinels! The darts however are slow, so try to shoot your target as close as you can. It's a single round clip and a long reloading. There's no maximum ammo, but it's focussing on the energy of the plasma rifle.

Needler: Everyone should know what it is if I'm saying it's a Brute Shot. 6 rounds by clips, 30 max. The exploding process is the same as an exploding sentinel, so there'll eventually be chunks of sentinels on the floor...

Sentinels: The weapon they're using is a long shot shotgun: This means all the pellets are hold togeter to be powerfull as a sniper round: but not an Halo sniper rifle! Lucky yourself: your shield will stop lot of damages coming from those shots!

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User Submitted Screenshots

Black Elites uses the 1st function of the Nerf 3000 while the white ones uses the nuke mode.

In a battle zone

The warthog's turret mod

Warthog's low gravitty effect - I've hitted the top bar!

The NUKE bomb effect