C40 Futur Weapon

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  • 6.7
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  • Modified Single Player Maps
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  • Master FL

  • Date:
  • 03/28/2010

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  • 79.1M


a modified single player map.

File Notes

ere's a description of all the weapons:

Pistol: Fires small missiles which the damage is decreased, but has a great homming. 5 rounds by clips and a maximum of 50 bullets. Also, there's a zoom magnitude of 5X.

Assault Rifle: There's not much changed with it, it's just more accurate, lower rate of fire, 5 times the damage, contain 48 bullets and a maximum of 480.

Plasma Pistol: This weapon was supposed to be a taser, but it doesn't work on single player. It has a stun of 4 seconds, which actually doesn't work, it make you shake the screen once you get hit by it for 4 seconds, the rate of fire of the first function is lower, about a shot for every seconds and do about the same damage than the original pistol. The second function is way more beter: it shots a homing unweighted fuel rod.

Plasma Rifle: I've remplaced the plasma rifle with the Energie sword and Vice Versa because the Plasma Rifle is the best weapon on the whole map. There's only one way you can get it is by melee dueling the yellow elite on the bridge. You must make sure than the Elite doesn't get killed by the needlers on the other side. The Elite will not shot you with this weapon, which mean he'll try to use it as a sword. Kill him with a weapon that doesn't blow him away(Assault Rifle, Magnum or plasma pistol) or you'll lose the weapon down the bridge. Once you kill the elite, the plasma rifle will have 100% of the energie. When shooting, it'll shoot a high number of gun turret projectiles which cover the whole screen. A single projectile of this weapon kill instantly everything. Make sure you keep some energie since it's the only one you'll get. It also has a zoom magnitude of 4X

Shotgun: It fires 5 missiles of the pistol, it's more accurate, has a zoom magnitude of 3X, contain a clip size of 3 rounds and a maximum of 30. Once you start the game, you'll get a clip of 12 rounds and 48 in spare. However, it will not stay for long.

Sniper Rifle: Each bullet of the Sniper Rifle will instantly kill any enemies. It only can't kill a wraith, and need a well placed shot on a hunter. It has a single round for each clips and a double zoom magnitude from 6X to 24X.

Needler: The needler is an instant explosive weapon: each projectiles exploade on impact, but it still need to get stick to a surface. It's explosion is incredibly powerfull, and is more explosive than a frag. 10 rounds in clips, maximum of 40 rounds, a great accuracy, lower rate of fire and a zoom magnitude of 3X.

Rocket Launcher: It fires projectiles from the Fuel Rod, but i've modded it so it resemble to a tank shell: the contrail is the same as the sniper and the explosive effect is the same as a frag, but now has an incridible unstopping power and a double zoom magnitude from 2X to 8X. It also got a maximum capacity of 16 rockets.

Frags: Since it's explosion is too powerfull to make it a normal frag, I've changed it's explosion to a wraith explosion. Exploade when the frag totally stop moving.

Plasma Grenade: The only big change is that they bounce and won't stop bouncing around until it hit a body or a vehicul.

Ghost: Once you enter the ghost, you'll get on 1st person. It fires the same projectiles than the Plasma Rifle, but fires 2 projectiles of 200 ones from the plasma rifle... weird huh? Anyway it's also slowed down, but you can aim more on the sky for banshee's.

Banshee: Banshees are simply a bit more faster than normal and the 1st function fires 2 of those crazy tank shells. However, it fire each 3 seconds. The second function fires 12 plasma grenades that bounces around.

Warthog: It's simmilar to the ghost: you'll be on 1st person when you drive it, go on the gunner seat and on the passenger seat. It's a bit more faster, and the gunner shoot those missiles from the pistol but in a slower rate than the original chain gun.

Gun Turret: Once you get in it, you can't be killed. Only something that can move away the gun turet such as a rocket launcher or things that instantly kill you such as the Plasma Rifle or the Sniper Rifle. It fires 3 of the same projectiles than the 2nd function of the Plasma Pistol, but has a slower rate of fire.

Wraith: It fires 5 mortars but the damage is decreased so it's the same as a frag.

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