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  • DSalimander

  • Date:
  • 03/14/2010

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Custom Single Player level

File Notes

This single player level was originally meant to be a part of a larger level consisting of at least four more BSPs that focus on infiltrating and blowing up the Covenant Cruiser. That level was then going to be a part of an even larger three map series mini campaign. The BSP was modeled by me several years ago when I first attempted plane modeling and thus came out fairly poor. The campaign's progress slowed down as I realised that I could not finish this project in a timely manor while maintaining the level of quality I was aiming for. The mini campaign idea was discarded and so was this BSP up until recently when I decided to finish the perfectly usable BSP and just release it for showing off. I would normally explain the backstory of this project, but the level has drifted too far away from my original storyline; feel free to make up your own story for it. Everything in the level was done by me except where explicitly noted in the acknowledgements. The map's title, "DTSP", is an acronym for "DesTew Single Player". "DesTew" being, of-coarse, an old mapping team I was in.
The level takes place on what can pretty much be summarized as a smaller, more interesting version of the Truth & Reconciliation level from the original Halo campaign. Some assets were ripped from Halo 2 (Xbox). Please mind that the cutscenes are a little bleak because animation is not my expertise. Tagset is stock. For best results place the level in normal or heroic difficulties.
To play this level: Extract the map to your maps folder and run Halo CE in console or dev mode. Once you get to the main menu, bring up the console and enter: "map_name dtsp" (without quotes). To change the difficulty, look up a tutorial.
Additionally, the map is UNPROTECTED. I do hope people rip my map... TO FIND OUT HOW I DID IT. I have even included a copy of the scripts/hud-messages that were compiled into the level for examination/modification, within this zip file. I am aware that there are SEVERAL bugs and errors in the level- I don't care. Just as with any other Halo level: using cheats can lead to scripts breaking and causing the level to be unplayable- use at your own risk. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, the radiosity I ran was high quality with NO PASSES {1 0.999999}. The sky I used was Gephyrophobia's, because I couldn't find a better one and didn't feel like making one.

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