D40 Modified

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  • Sliding Ghost

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  • 03/14/2010

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File Notes


You play as a Stealth Elite (Active Camo disabled).

You were sent with SpecOps Elites, SpecOps Grunts, and SpecOps Hunters to destroy and exterminate the Flood.

Your mission is to get off the Pillar of Autumn.


343 Guilty Spark
The Flood


SpecOps Grunts
SpecOps Elites




1. Unfortunately, I could not make the Covenant allies. So when the game starts, type in

ai_allegiance player covenant

That should fix it.

2. Also, to make the game easier, I have given you stronger shields. This map was intended to be played on Easy.

3. Since you play as a Elite, you cannot see your shield or your health. You can still see your ammo. When you throw a grenade,
it's going to be a delayed grenade throw. That means you can aim while you throw. The grenade will not land at your feet. You can
use all the weapons except for the Shotgun. You can jump as high as a Zealot. That means you can be like the Predator in
Aliens vs Predator when you have to destroy the reactors. :D It also means no more stairs! But you have to jump while moving. If you
jump in place, you cannot move and that will only hinder your mission.

By the way, your Elite is quite tall so don't be surprised if you can't get through the waypoint indicated door at the beginning of the mission.
Simply crouch.

4. When you get to the bridge, betray your allies or the cutscene will not initiate. This is the
only time a betrayal will be necessary.

5. You can drive the Warthog. In addition, if you can keep the SpecOps Elite Officer alive (you probably will), he
will operate the turret. Unfortunately, when you pass a certain point, he will suddenly die.

6. You can pick up the Fuel Rod Gun. You can fire the Fuel Rod Gun like the Halo 3 Fuel Rod Gun and the arc of the fuel rod
is like the arc of the Halo 3 Banshee Bomb. The Fuel Rod Gun has infinite ammo.

7. Rocket Launcher fires homing rockets. Rocket Launcher's magazine size is 8. Unfortuantely, you have to reload four times.

Other changes:

Various weapon changes, plasma grenade detonation timer cut in half, Needler SpecOps Elites replaced with Plasma Rifle
SpecOps Elites, Needler SpecOps Grunts replaced with Fuel Rod Gun SpecOps Grunts, melees are more effective on Flood, etc.

Easter Eggs:

1. For some reason, when you get to the area before the engine room, sometimes there will
be a Human Combat Form carrying the Plasma Rifle and he will be allied to the Covenant.

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