A10 Weapon Mod

  • User Rating:
  • 7.9
  • File Category:
  • Modified Single Player Maps
  • Author:
  • Master FL

  • Date:
  • 02/20/2010

  • File Size:
  • 92.2M


File Notes

This map is a single player map for Halo Costume Edition. It is modified with Halo Mapping Tool Via convertings.Open the console, then Tape [map_name a10] in order to play it

More Info:
I only modified the weapons and a single sound.
There isn't all the weapons in the map, as you should know. I only modified:
-The Assault Rife
-The Pistol
-The Plasma Pistol
-The Plasma Rifle
-The Frag Grenade
-The Plasma Grenade
-small doors sound switched for lifepod door
So anyone who gain access to the warthogs or scorpion in a way than I just don't care, you'll see no modifications after all.

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