B40 Modified V1.2

  • User Rating:
  • 8.3
  • File Category:
  • Modified Single Player Maps
  • Author:
  • Sliding Ghost

  • Date:
  • 02/05/2010

  • File Size:
  • 87.3M


File Notes

There is nothing custom in this map. The weapons, vehicles, enemies, etc. have been modded, yes, but nothing custom.

Changes made to this version:

- Grunts don't have shields
- Pistol is more reliable and more overpowered
- No Elite berserkers
- Scorpion tank more effective
- Banshee faster and has shields
- and much more


It is possible.


Assault Rifle - can cause headshots, accurate, 36 clip size, 2x zoom, 352 rounds, deals 36 damage

Pistol - deals 100 damage, 4x zoom, 80 rounds, 12 clip size, rate of fire 6

Rocket Launcher - fires homing rockets, rate of fire doubled, 6 rounds

Sniper Rifle - 5x to 10x zoom, 64 rounds, deals 160 damage

Plasma Rifle - deals Energy Sword melee damage, 4x zoom, damage doubled, rate of fire doubled

Energy Sword - can be picked up, can deal damage, Plasma Rifle reticle, damage doubled, 4x zoom

Plasma Pistol/Covenant Carbine - can cause headshots, deals 40 damage, 3x zoom, overcharge

Needler - Plasma Rifle rate of fire, 76 rounds, 19 clip size, 4x zoom, explosion deals heavy damage

Plasma Grenade - explosion timer cut in half

Banshee Bomb - homing fuel rods, chamber time cut in half

Scorpion Cannon - chamber time cut in half


Wraith - drivable, deals heavy damage, speed doubled, rate of fire 0.6, Ghost reticle

Ghost - Wraith

Banshee - speed doubled, shields

Scorpion Tank - speed 0.21

Pelican - undrivable, rideable


Energy Sword Elite Zealots - do not berserk

Plasma Rifle Elite Zealots - do not berserk, can melee

Shielded Stealth Elites

Needler Grunt Majors

Carbine Jackal Majors

Skull effects turned on:





Easter Eggs:

Rocket Launcher Variant -

If the Banshees start to get on your nerves, type in cheat_all_weapons and pick up the Rocket Launcher. The Rocket Launcher will have 998 rockets.

I don't advise using the Rocket Launcher variant against infantry.


type in

game_difficulty_set impossible

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