B40 Modified (single player)

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  • 8.6
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  • Modified Single Player Maps
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  • Sliding Ghost

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  • 01/29/2010

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File Notes

The story...

You are the Master Chief and you are being dropped off by the Pelican into certain death.

Your mission is to get to the Control Room before the Covenant.

Your starting weapons are the upgraded M6D Magnum and the upgraded MA5B Assault Rifle.

UNSC analysis forces has gathered intel covering weapons, vehicles, and enemies.


Assault Rifle - can cause headshots, Battle Rifle clip size, 2x zoom, 352 rounds
Pistol - damage doubled, 4x zoom, 40 rounds, 12 clip size retained
Rocket Launcher - fires homing rockets, faster rate of fire, 6 rounds
Sniper Rifle - 64 rounds, 5x, 10x zoom
Plasma Rifle - Energy Sword melee, 4x zoom
Energy Sword - can be picked up, can deal damage, 4x zoom
Plasma Pistol - functioning Covenant Carbine, can cause headshots, 3x zoom, overcharge retained
Needler - ammunition plentiful, slightly faster rate of fire, 76 rounds, 4x zoom, explosion deals heavy damage
Plasma Grenade - explosion delay timer cut in half
Banshee Bomb - homing fuel rod, chamber time cut in half


Wraith - drivable, speed doubled, rate of fire doubled, has shields, no splatter
Ghost - Assimilated
Scorpion Tank - Scorpion cannon chamber time cut in half, precise and straight to the point
Warthog - Driver can fire turret, turret can fire accurately
Pelican - can't drive, can ride in



- Elite Zealots

Man, these guys are everywhere! Watch out Chief.
Their plasma rifles can drain your shields in seconds. You have upgraded shields, the shield strength of a Zealot. But you are only one Zealot against many.
When you're on a bridge, throw grenades. It is possible to cause an Elite to dive from the grenade and fall to his death.

- Elite Stealth

Put that pistol away! These Elites have shields. Take them down first!
Use the shields to your advantage. The shields reveal your enemy.


- Grunt Majors

The Grunts wanted Needlers and the Covenant leaders have consented.
These Grunts were once cowardly. Covenant discipline has made them fierce, tenacious enemies.
The Grunts are now equipped with shields though the shields are noticeably weaker than those used by Elites.
Pick up a Plasma Grenade. Pull pin. Count to three. Throw.
Headshots. Headshots. Headshots.


- Carbine Jackal Major

The same old Jackal... Interesting, UNSC Intel reveals that the Covenant have recently upgraded their Plasma Pistols. These Jackals can cause headshots. That means death.
Shield strength has been doubled... using UNSC technology! Chief, the Jackals have your shields!
Pick up a Plasma Rifle/Energy Sword. Beat down.


- Hunter

No noticable changes, but you should keep your distance.

Master Chief:

You are the Master Chief. Therefore, your shields are the equivalent of a Elite Major.

Health 100
Shield 150

Thunderstorm is turned on.

Health 200
Shield 300


Thunderstorm - All enemies and allies are promoted to the highest available rank
Mythic - All enemies and allies health doubled, player's health doubled
Tilt - All enemies and allies shield strength doubled, player's shields doubled
Tough Luck - Elite Zealots will dive from grenades
Cowbell - Increased explosion radius, force doubled

Note: The effects are already turned on.

This map is a SP map. This map is intended to be played on Legendary.

To change the difficulty, type in

game_difficulty_set easy/normal/hard/impossible

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