Think Green

  • User Rating:
  • 8.8
  • File Category:
  • Halo CE Maps
  • Author:
  • xsnoder

  • Date:
  • 10/11/2009

  • File Size:
  • 26.9M


A very large winding canyon system

File Notes

This map is loads of fun. A really big map developed for max game play.
great for ctf or slayer.
This map will keep you moving and is designed camper free, I hope. Each side has player spawn areas that take you away from your base. You will spawn in a place set above the campers or spawn killers with a weapon or two to help the cause:) (This will happen if people are dying on a mass scale)

Everything in here has a new look. Get in the game and you will know why we called it "think_green" no radiosity problems just alot of custom shader models and light tags for some of the scenery.

The big smiley face has some music in it so feel free to fly in there hang out listen to some music while pounding the enemy,

boom x4
tow x3

fighterbomber x2
wraith x3
pelican x3
missle warthog x4
phantom x1
scarab x1

long rifle
longrifle sd
quake rocket l
beam rifle

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