Counter Attack 2

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  • 5.6
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  • Modified Single Player Maps
  • Author:
  • Advanchebo

  • Date:
  • 10/09/2009

  • File Size:
  • 57.1M


A single player HCE map based on a50

File Notes

the Flood is back. afther the humans and covenant lost ate a30 the humans broke the truce
between the covenant and fighted each other ate infinity (see my previous map mission rio)
they should meet each other ate a50. but the flood returned ! so they now joined each other again.
the flood captured a covenant ship and now plan a attack on a50. You wil need to defend it and then sneak in the ship.
again there are flood covenant and human traitors who joined the flood.
but there are some flood traitors who joined your side. afther that the deciding fight wil continuo on rio(my next map).

defend youself from the flood.
find friendly reinforcements.
sneak in the captured covenant ship and find and kill the leader or betray your team mates and join the flood
this is where your mission actualy begins with both diffrent endings so you can play the map twice if it pleases you.

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User Submitted Screenshots

Reinforcements has arrived

counter attack 2 regroup final attack win cutscene

counter attack 2 will be continued cutscene

mid game slaughtering cutscene

mid game slaughtering cutscene 2