Mud Skirmish - Single Player

  • User Rating:
  • 9.1
  • File Category:
  • Modified Single Player Maps
  • Author:
  • onotix

  • Date:
  • 09/14/2009

  • File Size:
  • 95.0M


mudslide skirmish

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User Submitted Screenshots

together in peace, sort of

you'll get 3 ODSTs as your allies throughout the firefight

Enjoy some good scenery when you play.

These barriers may not shield you against explosions.

Rejuvenate urself with health packs. It needs a cooling down after using it for 3 times.

A good base for a good camper.

Camp at the entrance with a shotgun at after wave 13 if the hoard's too dangerous to handle.

If you aren't contented with the shotgun, use the battle-rifle or brute-shot. u'll know what I mean.

A good sniping location just outside the base. U can see the enemies' spawn-points.

You can camp with a scoped-weapon just right where the stream splits into 2.

If you can't see the cave, increase your screen's brightness settings.

Fall back to your base if you can't handle the covenant here. Try not to get stuck while you do so.

There is a path up the cliff near the covenant spawn-points, but too bad it is a dead end.

This is the other opening to the only cave here. Camp inside the cave if you have brute shots, rockets, and inf. ammo on

1 of the 2 dead marine bodies is located here.

Don't attempt to cross into this blocked path unless you know how to get in without being killed by the script.

One of the many high-grounds that you can take advantage of.

This is how Wave 1 spawns.

The pistol & assault-rifle's melee can rly make a body fly. One of those rare features in all maps.

A brute wielding a brute shot. When he engages you, don't stand near grenades.

These "torch-bearers" run towards you in waves so handle them properly; they can take out ur shield when u aren't aware.

There are major and minor jackals too. Also, their mouth is designed to be always open.

Brutes of different ranks are recognizable by their armour's colour. They may also yield Spikers.

Up to 2 Ghosts may spawn for each wave.

These fuel-rod grunts are real spammers. Watch out for them after wave 6.

cheat_omnipotent 1. You can't turn on deathless because the script kills you immediately when you do so.

cheat_medusa 1. Vehicles will disappear every time you finish killing a wave.

"Sniper Rifle Unlocked". Figure it out yourself on what weapons may be unlocked.

2 banshees will spawn at higher levels, but only one will be driven by the covenant.

This is where your unlocked weapons will spawn. Extra ammo is located inside the base.

A wraith will spawn from Wave 16 onwards.

"This is my base!"

Don't forget that you may miss some enemies.

The ghosts often get stuck in the stream.

You may occasionally see pink explosions in the distance. Let's rejoice over spamming & friendly-fire!

Friendly-fire happens most of the times with much contribution from brute shots.

Wave 20. The final wave. The banshees ain't captured.

Wave 20. You'll be facing an uncoordinated army, but yet, big enough to kill you if you don't camp.

The second banshee that isn't occupied will drop into this base.