Ascension Firefight beta (single player)

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  • 7.8
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  • Modified Single Player Maps
  • Author:
  • shadowslayer123

  • Date:
  • 08/13/2009

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  • 36.2M


ingle player map on ascension based on halo 3 odst's firefight mode and gears of war 2's horde mode

File Notes

about: a firefight taking place on ascension, there are 10 waves featuring halo 3 weapons and hud, halo 2 and 3 style enemies and much, much more!

recommendation: single player map

how to play:

make sure your console is enabled, at the main menu push your ~ key on the keyboard and type map_name ascension_firefight_beta


to advance to the next wave you must kill all enemies in the wave you are at
in this beta there are 10 waves, the final will have 20
there is a 10-15 second prepare time between waves
every 2 waves you will unlock a new weapon
every wave you will be granted 1 health pack and 1 ammo clip for every gun you unlocked so far except battery

every 3 waves is a boss wave
every weapon has the right name when u pick it up, and ammo is named right too
the map comes with a built in defense system, using console cheats will result in permanent injuries such as immediate ingame death and permanent embarresment. :)
i made the entire wave script by myself :)


sometimes hunters will fall thru maps*
pickup icons are crap most of the time, just ignore them*
on the final wave, if you land in your base, the banshee will not dissapear, which will ruin gameplay for future waves, just land it anywhere except the little square where weapons appear*

the music menu will give you exceptions, this is currently being fixed and will be solved in the final if there is lots of bodies, it will cause lag. this will not be an issue if you take it slow and dont cheat

any bug with a * at the end is unsolveable.

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User Submitted Screenshots

elite face-off


The Dr. Pepper can Easter Egg for Assension Firefight Beta