Ancient Evils Test Map 2 (Single Player Only)

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  • 08/13/2009

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A non Halo style single player map

File Notes

*****This map is an updated version of the original demo map. It fixes several bugs, implements a new level enviroment, and enables new AI*****

I've been working on a new campaign map for Halo CE, but as I worked, I always thought, "will people like it?" I also

wanted my youtube friends to play it before its good releases. So I decided to release this demo for some of the content,

which includes a small amount of samples of what will be the final result.


1500 years ago, the ancient "gods" of all the civilizations really existed....except they weren't gods. They were Earthly

beings, like us, that happened to have strong powers and ruled over us. Though, one Roman man bansihed them away to

another dimension that's similar to hell. In 2021 A.D, a woman digs up an artifact...which happens to be what banished the

monsters away....and what may be the key to helping them return. Later, the main character, a girl in New York city, finds

her mother coming come with the artifact. The main character plays around with the ancient object and ends up obtaining

the monsters' powers. In less than a week, she is showing off her abilities like a super star. But then the monsters

return through a portal in the sky, and you're humanity's only hope. You don't need have something

better....your hands!


-Spawn in a small city enviroment. (This WILL be expanded in the final result!)

-Music from an old 1990's game. ;)

-New player biped (the main character)

-New AI (Domoids, who are the little dragon guys, and Arachnoliage, a type of Venus-flytrap/spider monster that will be a

boss in the final campaign.)

-No guns, just "powers", which include:

-Telekinesis (Press the action key to choose a random vehicle in the map, and then the vehicle that's randomly picked is

yours to control. The vehicle that you are controlling flickers in and out of visibility unless you turn on 3rd person


-Thermal Vision (Press zoom to activate/deactivate)

-A simple gun-like-simulation with "powers"

-The ability to throw fireballs.

Domoid Specs:

These guys hold no ability (so far) to shoot any projectiles at you. But a few swipes of their claws will take you down. Some wear completely invisible camo, and require thermal vision to see them.

Arachnoliage Specs:

These....things.....will shoot plasma-like bolts at you from their vine-like arms nonstop until they are killed. Take them down as fast as possible, but don't stop focusing on those deadly Domoids.


-Yes...I know that animations aren't the best.

-Yes...the monster dialog doesn't appeal to me either. Blame my voice actor, lol.

-The fireballs don't sync with the FP animation.

-The FP hands don't emit heat in thermal vision mode.

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