Machinima Bloodgulch

  • User Rating:
  • 8.8
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  • Maps for Machinima
  • Author:
  • Dennis Powers

  • Date:
  • 04/11/2009

  • File Size:
  • 55.7M


A Bloodgulch variant setup for machinima

File Notes

This map is the Bloodgulch level, Modifed from Super Toy Gulch, with extra bipeds and vehicles for use in making machinima films. There are 16 marine bipeds, 8 Halo 2 style cyborg bipeds and 5 Covenant bipeds. The weapons, health packs and powerups have been removed from the level and a collection of weapons have been placed in the cave. The cyborg bipeds are in one base and the Marine bipeds are in the other. The Covenant bipeds are in the back cave. The Level comes standard with 2 hogs, 2 rocket warthogs, 2 tanks 2 Banshees and 2 ghosts. Their spawn can be set by the game type settings. The special vehicles will need to be spawned. Each Biped and Vehicle has a name so they can be spawned even if the game type is set to no vehicles. The names are listed below:

M1 - M10
M10 = Sgt. Johnston

Armored Marines
AM1 - AM6

Elite2 - Special Elite

H2 Cyborg
CB1 - CB8

Hog & Hog1 = Warthog
rhog & rhog1 = Rocket Warthog
Pelican = Pelican
Spirt = Covenant Drop Ship
Kestrel = Kestrel
Wraith = Wraith
Heli - Huey Helicoptor
civi - Civilian Hog
Tank & Tank1 - Scorpion

The Dev-mode command to spawn an object is:

object_create {object name}

To spawn the pelican the dev-mode command is:

object_create pelican

To spawn the Huey Helicoptorthe dev-mode command is:

object_create heli

To remove an object they dev-mode command is:

object_destroy {object name}

To remove the pelican the dev-mode command is:

object_destroy pelican

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User Submitted Screenshots

this is what happnes when you go crazy wif a fule rod gun in time freez ZD

another time freez but with super jump and a fule rod cannon XD

Gray chief and his sword...

nothing to Do!!!!