Mission Rio beta (single player)

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  • 5.6
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  • Modified Single Player Maps
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  • Date:
  • 02/06/2009

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  • 37.6M


A single player level based on the Infinity map

File Notes

the covenant have took over the canyon led by the prophet of regret.
the flood released by the humans help the humans to take over and free the odsts and flood prisoners.

you and your warton squad of odsts and flood must retake it. this version is not final it just 10% done its the first and last beta.

final version wil be released soon. the beta version only has one closed area and has no cutscene and you play as mc for now.

help the odsts(marines) and flood to kill the covenant forces ate forerunner structure.
find and kill the prophet of regret.
escape together with the surviving marines.

known bugs:
covenant troops somethimes spawn on your side i realy dont know how this happends and i wil fix it in the final version
flood sometime spawn like enemy ^

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User Submitted Screenshots

my first screen shot

this is a bug that many of the elites become your side after a wile!

my first idea for body pile up screen shots

If you look away for just a sec, the bodies disapear

They begin to spread as the rocket grunts die