Death Intrusion (Single Player)

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  • Modified Single Player Maps
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  • 01/11/2009

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File Notes

IMPORTANT NOTE: This map is SINGLE PLAYER! Loading it in the multiplayer menu like any other map will cause the game to crash! To load it, bring up the console and type in the following:

map_name death_intrusion


*Cortana Dialogue. Cortana will occasionally say phrases like "Watch Out!" or "Area Secure"

*H2 style turrets, Spectres, and drviable Wraith (not H2 styled D: )

*The usual Objectives, navpoints and cinematics

*Custom AI!

Ultra (White) Elites: These Elites serve under an Elite commmander. Can often be seen leading squads of SpecOps Elites or Hunters into battle.

Camo Grunts: Yay! Grunts with Camo! Sadly, they're only seen once.

Beam Rifle Elites: Elites with a special vision enchancing helmet (not included :D ) so they can see for very far, and can snipe you.

Rangers: Credit to CMT.

Heavys Grunt: Green coloured Grunts. Can often be seen wielding Fuel Rod cannons or manning turrets.

Elite Commanders (Zealot): Modded so they have ten times more health and shielding. A good way to kill them is to take out the shields with a charged Plasma pistol blast, and then headshot them.

I'm (in)famous for making (uneccessarily) long stories in readmes, so I'll keep the as short as Possible.

Masterchief is sent to a remote Delta Halo facility to halt a Covenant mining operation, and to kill the Elite Commander in charge of it.

There are two secrets on this map. Will add skulls in the final.

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