Jump Pit

  • User Rating:
  • 8.5
  • File Category:
  • Halo CE Maps
  • Author:
  • Spartan II

  • Date:
  • 12/31/2008

  • File Size:
  • 10.6M


File Notes

Description :This is a map designed for those who like to do warthog
stunts and derbys, or just kill the drivers of the warthogs.

This map is designed for those who enjoy smaller team or
ever-man-for-himself games. It has many small hills and two main
jumps. It contains some custom weapons. Each team has the following
2 Warthogs
2 Rocket Warthogs
at the spawn points. In CTF, the bases are behind the jumps, as you will see in the spot you spawn at.

This map supports all game types. It is best played with small teams or in every-man-for-himself. It would be slightly crowded with larger or full teams, but with eight-on-eight all the warthogs could be equipped a driver and gunner.

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