Flood Containment Single player

  • User Rating:
  • 7.4
  • File Category:
  • Modified Single Player Maps
  • Author:
  • Polamee

  • Date:
  • 12/07/2008

  • File Size:
  • 49.1M


File Notes

Important note:
This is a single player level. Trying to load it by simply selecting the map on the multiplayer menu will
cause the game to crash. Run the map by opening the console and typing map_name floodcontainment

The Story:

When Master Chief was on Halo fighting the Flood, the UNSC found another Halo ring, Omega Halo. You play as a
Spartan, Vincent-047, sent to assasinate an Elite commander on Omega Halo, with a couple of Marines. You were supposed to
stop him from uncovering powerful forerunner technology below the ring, which could change the tide of the UNSC-Covenant

Unfortunately, upon arrival on the ring, you find out that the Covenant have uncovered a Flood Containment facility below the ring. Your
Marines were captured and infected. You were forced by infected Marines into an ancient forerunner structure, and was
about to die when two elites arrived through teleporters, engaging the Flood and letting your shields recharge.

The Covenant now have sent multiple ships and troops to reclaim the island. They can't destroy it in fear of damaging the
Ancient Forerunner 'holy' structure, but can send ground troops to neutralize the Flood. You have to battle your way
throguh Covenant and Flood defenses and reach the elite commander.

Highlights (interesting stuff):

*H2 style Plasma Turrets
*Beam Rifles
*SMGs (slightly overpowered, good against unshielded foes)
*White Elites (Elite Ultras)
*Elite Rangers (Flying guys, courtesy of CMT)
*Jackal cave (a cave full of Jackal ambushes)
*a50 sky (dosen't fit in with lighting, will be fixed in final)

1. Checkpoints might not work correctly
2. WARNING! Do not use the custom Sniper rifle! When you pick it up, the game will crash! I REPEAT, THE GAME WILL CRASH
3. Certain Banshees don't fly very well.
4. Beam Rifle zoom dosen't zoom. Well, it does, but there's an error. You can't get out of the zoom, unless you press
TAB to change weapons.
5. Minor Glitches with Ranger Elites that don't affect gameplay much

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