The Silent Photagrapher Mod b30

  • User Rating:
  • 8.9
  • File Category:
  • Modified Single Player Maps
  • Author:
  • Inferno & Malolo

  • Date:
  • 09/05/2008

  • File Size:
  • 77.5M


A single player campaign modification of The Silent Cartographer level

File Notes

Description: A complex mod of The silent cartographer ( created by DMT (Inferno & Malolo) Includes new vehicles, encounters, weapons, and much much more. It also has SLOWMO!!!!

Maps done. I was really planning on polishing it up and making it into a really outstanding mod but i lost interest in the project and decided to release it in its current state because its fun to play but its just not high quality triple A material. And besides why would i just not finish and let the project disappear after all the work i put into it?

Anyways here's a list of features in the map.

- Flash Light has been replaced with "Madda Cheef Time" Which is a more bad ass version of bullet time. It slows down the game to 0.5 speed and it also activates "Cheef Vizeon" which lights up the area around you making it easier to see invisible elites and enemy's in the dark.

- Added a couple of new weapons.
//- Battle Rifle
//- SMG
//- Carbine
//- Flame Thrower

- Modified most of the existing weapons
//- Pistol (no scope, higher ROF)
//- Assault Rifle (halo 3 style)
//- Plasma Rifle (powered up, Skinned)
//- Plasma Pistol (Skinned)
//- Needler (powered up, edited shaders)
//- Sniper (added recoil night vision removed)
//- Shotgun (Skinned)

- Skulls
//- Blind
//- Bandolier
//- Juggernaut
//- Aragranok
//- Infernal
//- Shadow step
//- Divine (Which doesn't really work properly)

- 1 New Cutscene
- a couple of new encounters and enemy types (sniper jackals, Honor Guards, etc)
- A couple of new Objectives
- And some modifications Here and there.

List of bugs - This is the list of things I wanted to fix but never got around to actually doing so.

- Hud messages are screwed up and Icons are wrong as well.
- The slowmo screen effect doesn't work.
- All of the FP weapon animations are PLACE HOLDER! Don't bitch about them.
- Most of the weapons models and textures were also place holder.
- IMPORTANT - When you get to the part where you open the door. (at shaft_B) you will come out of the building and see the pelican crashed out on the beach. Originally i was going to do a cut scene of the MC sliding down the cliff to the pelican but i never got around to animating it. So what you MUST DO when you get to that part is get the over shield and slide down that cliff and get into the tank. If you don't it messes up the giant beach tank war that you have to fight.

- There are a lot of other little things i wanted to fix ( like the cinematic bipeds not matching) and i don't want to list every single one so I'm going to stop here.

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