B40 modified v4

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  • 07/13/2008

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A Single Player B40 varient

File Notes


At the beginning of the level, foehammer drops you into the huge pit instead of on the ledge. The solution is to get back into the pelican the moment you get released(see youtube videos/cheat code websites for help on that), then wait for about a full second after you trigger a checkpoint. Get out, and land in the pack of enemies. Falling dammage is off, so don't worry about the fall.

After I modded a50, I moved on to some other campaign levels, and this was my favorite one. I will upload the other modded levels later.

The map includes:

*None of these tags are mine*

CMT Brutes(Modded to have more halo 3-like ranks and armor colors)
CMT Ranger
CMT old Spiker
Halo 2 HUD
Halo 2 Ghosts\Warthogs
Halo 2 Battle Rifle
Halo 2 SMG
Marines replaced with Spartans
Specops grunts replace old needler varients
Shades that shoot phantom bullets
H2 wraith(Brutes dont drive it though)
H2 banshee skin
New forest theme
Energy sword(runs on battery now)

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