Beach Assault Mod (Fixed AI)

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  • 08/10/2004

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A modification of the original Beach Assult Map - see notes

File Notes

Halo Maps Note:
This map is named the same as the original Beach Assult Map. Care should be taken when using this map becasue you may not be able to join servers running the original map.

Beach Assault Mod (Fixed AI)
Modded By FalseProphetNemesis ( {CRG}Kryp ).

This is the Beach Assualt map but with a few differences. This map is modded and the AI problems are fixed or should be fixed (I haven't tested it online with anyone yet). BTW I did NOT make this map. I ONLY modded it and fixed the AI problems (hopefully...) and made the AI bots smarter AND all of them WILL attack you.

*NOTE* - Be sure to look at the pictures included because 2 of them show how to correctly set the game settings for best results. If you do not set the "FLAG FORCE RESET" then you wil get spazed out AI bots. You MUST set that for everything to work correctly. Also you should have the weapons settings on "NORMAL" for best results.

1. AI bots are now smarter and fight better (No bot will just stand around and do nothing)
2. Infinite Ammo and zoom in ability for weapons and they shoot much farther then normal.
3. Homing Rocket Lancher Warthog (rocket projectile shoots slower to make up for the homing)
4. Banshees were removed for flying ghost vehicles with different projectiles to shoot.
(first shot is a neat looking covenant plasma shot and the secondary shot is the plasma cannon's projectile).
5. AI Bots are immune to falling and so is the Master Cheif.
6. Improved the accuarcy of the Assualt Rifle and Shotgun.
7. Red AI bots have Shotguns and throw Frag Grenades.
8. Blue AI Bots have Assault Rifles and throw skull Plasma Grenades.
9. There is now a needler hog (which replaces the tanks,normal warthogs and normal ghosts).
10. AI bots know when you are in a vehicle and will get in with you if your close enough (only bots on your "team" will get in). This was already on the map but I made it even better.
11. The plasma pistol was replaced by the needler.
12.Covenant gun turrets were removed along with the covenant sheilds.
13. When you are in a vehicle you can look higher now.

Thats about all the changes I guess. Hope you have fun playing the mod.


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