ghp Danger Canyon 4

  • User Rating:
  • 8.2
  • File Category:
  • Modified Single Player Maps
  • Author:
  • GameGodLazy

  • Date:
  • 02/03/2008

  • File Size:
  • 83.9M


An singleplayer level based on dangercanyon

File Notes

regular halo 1 weapons (wich are reskinned to look like halo 3 weapons)
halo 3 assault rifle
h2 plasma rifle
brute plasma rifle
h2 granades
battle rifle
bubbleshield (press fire to use it)
brute spiker (still in W.I.P)
h2 energyswords
cmt chaingun
beam rifle
Skull(easter egg)

halo 2 elites
halo 2 grunts
halo 3 masterchief
halo 2 jackal
halo 1 hunter
halo 1 marines
halo 1 flood
brute (easter egg)

h1 warthog
h1 ghsot
h1 plasma turret
h1 tank
h2 banshee
needle turret

4 billboards (easter eggs wich are easy to find)

1: pelican doenst drop the tank at the right place and then drives/crashes into the wall and doenst go away
2: sometimes No dialog sounds for the closed door part for the masterchief
3: The ending doesnt work 100% right (just type map_name ghp_dangercanyon_4 again in command to go to the last check point)

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User Submitted Screenshots

Grunt: i got a spiker sword! Other Grunt: Cool! let me have one too!

The image in game

The flood team base on difficulty Normal,i'm years is 10,I'm the ass happy!

it couldn't be... ):- /