Solo Danger Canyon M

  • User Rating:
  • 8.0
  • File Category:
  • Modified Single Player Maps
  • Author:
  • MNC

  • Date:
  • 09/30/2007

  • File Size:
  • 71.0M


File Notes

The M beta is the final beta. After M there will be no betas, only the final. If you want to call it final >_>


* A custom single player path in a BSP by Bungie.
* Some Halo 2 music.
* Working cutscenes
* Some pelican.
* A new sky/radiosity - Thanks to the people that helped me in that thread.
* Alot of glitches to work out.
* New! - Objectives. Thanks bip0lar_bear! (Or is that © to you ross?)
* The marines drive you around.

Known Glitches:

* The marines at the beginning chatting is a bit of a mess.
* The level ends at the end - you'll notice it. It'll be dramatic.
* There are quite some conversations in the newest beta, and some of them don't trigger properly. You should revert to a checkpoint every once you obtain one to help the soundcache clear a bit. It'll make the map more, and it'll be the most map evur!

* There are other minor AI glitches, but most are unnoticable.
* After you get the tank, the door might close again if you wait too long. Just get to the holo panel and open it up again. The pelican is a bit messy in flying away, but this can be disregarded
* The marines are BAD drivers. Really bad. Blame bungie.

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