Modded Deathisland Movie Edition beta

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  • 8.6
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  • Maps for Machinima
  • Author:
  • Sgt stacker

  • Date:
  • 07/03/2007

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  • 65.8M


File Notes

The snow pelican is by Tiamat and from Coldsnap.
the unarmed warthog is by Tiamat and from Coldsnap.
Covie turret is from extinction
serapha is from extinction
covie drpship is form one of the wing series maps ( forgot which)
wraith is from war of hog (I think)
forgot where specters are from
Gauss turret is from DownFlow
Longsword from hugeass
Draco fom RPG Beta 4
Kestral from RPG Beta 4

Unit DEV Codes (Need devloper's mode, or All Dev)
add a number to the letters, for example, sf1, sf2, ect.

serapha=sf there are 1-2
covie turret=ct 1-2
kestral=k 1-2
longsword=l 1
snow pelican=sp 1
guass turret=gt 1-12 (or more)
specter v.1=s 1-5 (0r more)
specter v.2=sr 1-5 (0r more)
wraith=w 1-5 (or more)
draco=d 1
unarmed hog=uh 1-5(or less)
ghost=g 1-12 (less or more)
hover tank=h 1-12 (more or less)
trans hog=th 1-5 (or less)
civ hog=ch 1-5 (or less)
tank=t 1-12 (less or more)
cryo tube=cr 1-3
chair v.1=cpd 1-12 (or less)
chair v.2=cp 1-12(or less)
(I might have put in) Bulldog=b 1-2

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User Submitted Screenshots

picture taken in dev mode