Plasma Facility

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  • 7.9
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  • Halo CE Maps
  • Author:
  • Teh Ganon

  • Date:
  • 05/16/2007

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  • 34.4M


File Notes

Description : A Squad of Spartans were following a Human distress signal. After a week of following the signal, they found themeselves lost in uncharted reaches of space. A few spartans began a mutiny, and had stolen a pelican to hopefully return back to familiar territory. As they fled, the rest of the crew aboard the ship, had been ambushed by a Covenant patrol cruiser, and immenantly destroyed. The remaining spartans aboard the fleeing pelican had nothing to do but pray for a miracle. Just as the covenant ship had the stray pelican in its sights, both ships were sucked into a vortex and had teleported to a distant halo ring. The ships were spat out of the vortex, only the pelican to survive the ordeal. the covenant ship was all but in a thousand peices, with the gored carcases of the covenant soldiers.the pelican began to lose stabitly control, when the pilot took immediate measures to make a crash landing in a facility on this new halo ring. Noone was harmed in the crash, but they had lost their only way of transportation out. They began to scout the area, it had appeared that none of the vehicles in the facility were able to be piloted without extensive part replacements and parts. They soon realized the reality of their ordeal, they would most likely never see their home again...

About : This map is a rather jaded and gloomy map, medium sized, supports all gametypes except race. Scarab, and Dracos are all scenery. TRY AND FIND MY HIDDEN EASTER EGG!!!

Recommendation :CTF or Slayer. Best played with 6 to 10 players.

Acknowledgement: For the person who made the Scarab scenery, correct me if im wrong but i believe it was {DA}Ender. And the Draco to Bacon. *(However i turned it into a scenery tag). To every 1 else i thank for making these bundeled tags useable in maps. you guys are the horsepower that keeps us truckin! And then Bungie.

More Info : This map is dedicated to all of the soldiers fighting the war on terrorism in the Middle East,

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