Desert2 beta v0.4

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  • taterSALAD

  • Date:
  • 02/28/2007

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File Notes

STORY: A year after the humans discovered the portals back in time to the desert, they returned to the location where the portals, now moved at UNSC headquarters, were once located. In a fascination with the portals, they stupidly failed to search the whole compound. Behind a large steel door, they find another room filled with even more portals. Unfortunately, the covenant found the room first. The UNSC has
dispatched a group a Spartans to clear the territory. When the Spartan group finally reaches the room, they find that the covenant have fled for some unknown reason. On the way there, one Spartan was cursing at another because he wouldn't stop being a retard. He finally snapped, and went loco. He started shooting at all his fellow Spartans. Now all the Spartan are fighting against each other and their cliques.

Changes from last version (0.3):
Major Changes:
-Added pyramids
-Changed netgame flags
-Changed lake to oasis
-Added/changed weapon placement
-Added time portal
Minor Changes:
-Added more bump-mapping
-Halo 2 Sounds
-Changed the weather a bit
-Changed initial messages some
-Changed material properties some


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…And anyone else that I forgot to mention = (

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