Forerunner Waste Storage beta

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  • 6.9
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  • Halo CE Maps
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  • Mr. Grunstworthy/Randomation's

  • Date:
  • 01/19/2007

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  • 5.2M


File Notes

Forerunner Waste Facility beta version

A large rectangular 'canyon' with steep slopes on either end; being where the enemy's entrenchment is. The bottom is piled with mounds of trash, making traversing the long distance very nerve-wracking, because A) you're open to snipers, and B) an enemy could be over the next rise or in the next dip. Specifically built for team games.

The forerunners, like many other species, had to store their millions of tons of waste in a temporary location until they could permanently dispose of it. Waste Storage Facility no.44 is one of them. Located on installation_04, a mechanically dug landfill plays host to long-forgotten garbage left a millenia ago.

Reccomendation: Team games, like CTF or Team Slayer. Though, because of the terrain, it also works extremely well as a one on one cat and mouse level. Best played with 6-12 people.

Notes: Personally, I would like to throw out a big thanks to Tarzan, who helped me overcome every single problem that was thrown my way by the Halo Editing Kit. Also, I would like to thank everyone who is beta-testing this level and I ask kindly that you leave feedback on what to change/put in/take out. Thanks a bunch!

Mr. Gruntsworthy: Modelling, texturing, population
Tarzan: Consultant/debugger

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