Single Player level - Cleanup

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  • 8.5
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  • Modified Single Player Maps
  • Author:
  • Adumass

  • Date:
  • 12/28/2006

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  • 57.2M


A single player haloce map You play as a covenant elite.

File Notes

bout : This map is a single player map start it with map_name cleanup. You play as a specops elite, you were sent in to help re-secure the truth and reconciliation after the humans attacked it. Now to make things worse they have released the flood. The landing zones near the ship were to hot, so your dropship was forced to land on the ground surrounding the plateau where the ship is located. your objective is to help covenant forces out in this area, cleanup the flood infestation and find a way that leads up the plateau towards the ship.

Acknowledgement: Spectre, Carbine, Warthog, Ghost and Gausshog: I dont know who exactly made these I got them from and modified them a bit. I think they are most likely ripped from halo2.
h_turret: I dont remember where i got this from..but itsn not mine if its yours people should know a noob like me could not make that.
Pistol fp animations: CtrlAltDestroy / [ZMT] L33T

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