Single Player - Retribution v1.1

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  • 8.6
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  • Modified Single Player Maps
  • Author:
  • Deatheater42

  • Date:
  • 10/04/2006

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  • 44.5M


An updated version of my single player map, Retribution.

File Notes

About: Following the release of my popular single player map, Retribution, I recieved feedback on it and made some changes to fix some glitches and make the map easier. Now, the map is generally easier and more playable. It has much more scenery and ammunition added, and a few glitches that were found have also been fixed. Incase you haven't played Retribution, this map is a collection of several multiplayer BSP's (Binary Structue Planes), that are all put into one single player map. All sections contain respawning AI and require you to complete a specific objective besides killing everything, which is usually running to a teleporter. This still is a single player map, so it cannot be loaded normally, or Halo CE will crash. To load it as a single player map, turn console mode on and type "map_name retribution1.1" into the console.

ledhedgn - spartan AI
Metkil5685 - beta testing
Master White - beta testing
several members of - advice and support when I needed it
Me - everything else not done by Bungie/Gearbox or mentioned above

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User Submitted Screenshots

the flood part of this is so hard!

DEAR CREATOR, PLEASE MAKE MAPS LIKE THIS ONE. and dear guests. to make sure you win, just back hit your men, ON TOP BASE