X-Chromo alpha

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  • 09/27/2006

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A large snowy map

File Notes

Notes: years have passed now, as has y-chromo, the monstrous storm which has plagued halo since the flood Destroyed the rings weather control station. As the storm passed, it created a glacier, equal in size to That of itself. As the valley of champions slowly begins to freeze over, it returns to its peaceful, Harmless status of x-chromo. The humans have set up a number of small bases linked by teleporters that encircle the Valley. This method was extremely effective against the covenant, as they were easily defeated one by one by The expert human snipers positioned in the bases.

Author: {ahs}sonic
Vehicles: hover tank
Weapons: super sniper, uzi, coldsnap sniper rifle (yay for tiamat!), and rocket launcher
Game types: slayer, ctf (yay for me for figuring it out!)
Supports: 16 players
Map size: large

Please note that this is an alpha version of the map. When the full version is released, you can replace this Map with the new one.

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