Single Player - Retribution

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  • 7.9
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  • Modified Single Player Maps
  • Author:
  • Deatheater42

  • Date:
  • 09/17/2006

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  • 44.6M


NOTE This is a single player campaign style map - YOU CAN NOT LOAD NORMALLY - Read trhe instructions at the top of the section

File Notes

Description: A single player level that uses several multiplayer map BSPs with respawning AI.

About: This map is a single player level which uses several of the multiplayer map BSPs(If you don't know what "BSP" stands for, it is an acronym for "Binary Structure Plane" and is basically the ground in a map).
Each section contains respawning AI and requires you to complete a specific objective besides killing everything, which is usually entering a teleporter. All AI are edited to have more health, be more accurate, etc. and the spartan AI are completely custom besides the original biped and animations. All sections contain objectives and navpoints or timers. Since this is a single player map, if loaded as a multiplayer map it will cause Halo CE to crash. To load it as a single player map, enable console mode and type: "map_name retribution" into the console.

ledhedgn - spartan AI
Metkil5685 - beta testing
Master White - beta testing
several members of - advice and support when I needed it
Me - everything else

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