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  • 05/13/2006

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Based on the original Sidewinder modified for the purposes of the machinimas ALONE and Major Tom Diaries.

File Notes

Additions include:
The Boomstick - make sure you are clear of your target and pull the trigger. Gimme some sugar baby!
Spawn gun - infinite ammo but no projectile. By request.
Railgun - it's nice, I like it

Bipeds in Red Base - for machinima purposes but there's only five so I didn't think it mattered much having them ready.
Armory - Blue base now has many human weapons lining the walls.
These two modifications make gameplay horribly unbalanced unless you like a challenge being on the red team

Several vehicles have been added by request, others by design:
- Heretic Banshee
- Pelican
- Gunship Pelican (Tiamat's)
- Wasp
- Mongoose (ATV)
- Snowhog

The Snowhog is provided courtesy of KiLLa, Lightning, [gx]Shadow with help from The Ghost, author of Sneak (another cool map featuring the Snowhog).
For those who whine about not being able to use a really cool model, tag, whatever - try messaging their creator(s). I did and they said Yes as long as they got a look-in at what I used it for.

Vehicle names for the object_create_anew command
peli - upside-down Pelican on the central passage, red side
npeli - Tiamat's Pelican next to the Blue banshee spawn point
matt - face-down tank, blue base at the ice-strip
cartman - red base tank away from the tree
wasp - Wasp, spawns below the blue side to red side crossover teleport just in the crevace at canyon floor level
mule - ATV next to the wasp spawn (I know it's called Mongoose really but it's Kirby's nickname for the ATV)
becky - Driverless rockethog spawns inside the blue core passage next to the flamethrower spawn point
snowy - Snowhog that spawns in the red core passage near the red flamethrower spawn point
checker - the covie turret at the canyon apex a.k.a. "the sitting duck"
biscuit - Covie turret that spawns inside the core passage
hera - Heretic Banshee that spawns next to the red base Banshee
herb - Heretic Banshee that spawns next to the blue base Banshee
terrance - Warthog spawns out the left entrance of red base
phillip - Warthog spawns out the right entrance of blue base
scott - Warthog spawns out the right entrance of red base
saddam - Warthog spawns out the left entrance of blue base
wendy - Rockethog spawns out the right entrance of red base
bebe - Rockethog spawns out the left entrance of blue base
sonny - blue base Banshee
cher - red base Banshee

There is also two special Warthog spawns which fans of FTC might find amusing

There is also an infinite vehicles script in use. I hate the covie turret so I made both of them triggers for the extra vehicles.
For those that do:
1 turret spawns mule, becky, snowy, wasp and matt
2 turrets spawns the above plus peli, npeli, hera and herb

Animations for the npelican driver got screwed up so the seat is both out of position and the driver invisible but for my purposes it's fine

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