H2MT Bone yard

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  • 7.7
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  • Halo 2 Vista Maps
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  • see readme.txt

  • Date:
  • 09/05/2010

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  • 19.8M


a halo 2 version of the halo reach invasion map, explore if you must but take care not to go too far

File Notes

Credits: StatutoryTrOY, Slaters Fury, KIlls alone, and all those who helped in way of testing and question answering.

Guide for the invasion game type:

base variant=Capture the flag
slow with flag=on
# of flags=single flag (offense vs defense
flag hit=normal
Score to Win Round=1
number of rounds=2
primary Weapon=map default
secondary weapon=map default
Friendly Fire=on
Secondary Light Vehicle=map default
Primary Light Vehicle=map default
Motion Sensor=on
Primary Heavy Vehicle=map default
Weapon Respawn Time=map default
Starting Grenades=on
Secondary Turret=map default
primary turret=map default
Respawn Time=10 seconds
Rounds Reset Map=off
Suicide Penalty=10 seconds
betrayal penalty=5 seconds
weapons on map=map default

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