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  • Halo 2 Vista Maps
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  • Kills Alone

  • Date:
  • 03/28/2010

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File Notes


Yes, that Narrows from Halo 3.

*Took 4.5 days to light, jeez! Unfortunately, I see a few tiny visual issues, but nothing that should kill gameplay. So get it while its hot.


Starting Assault Rifle (H3 settings) and H3 Magnum M6G secondary

4x H2 Battle Rifle
4x H2 SMG
4x H2 Plasma Rifle
4x H2 Needler
2x H2 Sniper Rifle
2x H2 Brute Shot
2x H2 Plasma Pistol
1x Rocket Launcher
1x H2 Shotgun

2x Group All Powerups

10x H2 Frag Grenade
6x H2 Plasma Grenade

4x HCE Assault Rifle (H3 settings)
4x H3 H3MT Brute Mauler
4x H3 CMT Brute Spiker


2x Box Shield (10 Use) - blocks bullets and deflects nades. Rox will explode, but explosions do pass through. You can fire at enemy's from inside of the Box

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