Glass Horizon

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  • 7.4
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  • Halo 2 Vista Maps
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  • [EJ] Bean

  • Date:
  • 08/28/2009

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  • 17.6M


The ship's Engineering room with an adjacent “Cargo Distribution Center"

File Notes

Just before the attack on Harvest, the Glass Horizon, the largest passenger ship ever built left Earth's atmosphere with over a hundred thousand people on board. Their goal was to settle nearby worlds to expand humanity's territory and relieve the overpopulation that plagued Earth's inhabitants. The Glass Horizon was not overly grandiose, but was suitable for supporting large numbers of people for long periods of time, until a permanent world could be found.

For a while the ship moved from planet to planet, sending messages to home and leaving traces of its passing. Then, however, all contact was lost. Search parties were sent out to try to find where it had gone, but to no avail. Soon after, Harvest fell to the Covenant, and all efforts were shifted to defend humanity.

A few months ago the ship drifted into the Sol system. A team of specialists were sent in to investigate. Not a soul could be found on board. Everything was still functioning, but the ship was adrift. Even now an investigation is being run to try to solve the mystery of the Glass Horizon.

In this particular incarnation of the Glass Horizon, the ship's Engineering room with an adjacent “Cargo Distribution Center” (CDC) take center stage. The two large rooms are connected by a two way conveyor network somewhat similar to Elongation's, except on a much grander scale. The map is littered with hints as to the fate of the Glass Horizon. There are several unintentional glitches that I cannot fix, so if you fall down a hole use the conveniently located teleporter to get out and be thankful you aren't dead. ;)

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